The Lower Muskogee Creek Tribe

Tama Tribal Town

                    THE LOWER MUSKOGEE CREEK TRIBE               

PRINCIPAL CHIEF                                           Tama Tribal Town

Marian S. McCormick                                                107 Tall Pine Drive

                                                                                  Whigham, Georgia 39897

                                                                                        (229) 762-3165





MARCH 18, 2020


WHEREAS, as a result of the State of Emergency declared by the United States of America and the State of Georgia in regards to the pandemic of the virus COVID – 19; and


WHEREAS, The Lower Muskogee Creek Tribe is dedicated to the safety and well-being of all Tribal Members and the entire Tribal Community; and


WHEREAS, a State of Emergency is imposed to maintain continued good health and secure life and property,


NOW THEREFORE, The Lower Muskogee Creek Tribe declares a State of Emergency with the following;


Restriction of Tribal Events:  The meeting on March 21st, Tribal Council Meeting for March, and Seminars are immediately postponed until further notice.  This also includes all events that will have more than 10 people in attendance in the Tribal Administration Building or on Tribal Property until further notice,


Restriction of Operation:  The Tribal Administration Building is closed for the next two weeks for the safety of the staff and the Tribal Membership. The situation will be monitored and further closure may occur,


Key things to remember:

     Keep your hands washed with soap and water for 20 Seconds

     DO NOT Touch your Face, Eyes, Mouth or Nose

     Use a tissue for coughs and sneezes and throw the tissue away

     Keep a distance or 5 to 6 feet from others

     If you are sick stay at home

     Refrain from gatherings


This declaration takes effect immediately on March 18, 2020 and shall remain in effect until modified and or rescinded.




Marian McCormick, Principal Chief


Please make sure to be safe during this uncertain time. We will have to use good judgement and make tough decisions. Our March 21, 2020, event has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus.


Make sure to keep your hands washed and use good hygiene. Stay home if at all possible, work from home if it is an option, avoid large crowds, care for our Elders as well as our new born and special population that have health issues.



As the Principal Chief of the Tribe, I would like to encourage each of you to complete your CENSUS FORM. The Census this year is not very long. You can complete it on the paper form, by internet or by telephone.


Question # 1 how many people live in your house

Question # 2 “were there any additional people staying in your home on April 1, 2020.” Question # 3 this a house, apartment or mobile home.

Question #4 what is your telephone number.

Question # 5 name of the first person in your home.

Question # 6 person #1’s sex.

Question # 7 person # 1’s age and birth date

Question # 8 skip

Question # 9 person # 1’s race

   Mark American Indian or Alaska Native



Remember to LET OUR VOICE AND NUMBERS COUNT. The Census means a lot to each member of this Tribe. Using the Statistic that is collected in the 2020 Census helps our tribe get the statistic that we need to apply for grants, calculates how many State Representatives in the Georgia General Assembly, calculates how many Congressmen we have representing us in Congress, helps get roads resurfaced, school funding and much more.






Marian S. McCormick

Principal Chief



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